Rainbow Art Studio Portfolio students have attended the following schools (partial list):

Art Center College of Design Pasadena
Boston University
Brown University
California College of the Arts (CCA)
Calpoly San Luis Obispo
Carnegie Mellon University
Chapman University
Duke University
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Mount Holyoke College
New York University (NYU) 
Otis College of Art and Design
Parsons The New School for Design
Pratt Institute
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)


San Jose State University
Smith College
Stanford University
Scripps College
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Los Angeles
UC Riverside
UC Santa Barbara
UC San Diego
University of Chicago
University of Oregon
University of Southern California
Washington University, St Louis
Williams College


Congratulations 2019 Seniors!

Brown-RISD Dual Degree

University of California Berkeley

Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute

University of California Los Angeles

University of Chicago

San Jose State University

Duke University

Washington University, St. Louis

Naya C.

Megan C.

Sanjana D.

Jennifer D.

Anubha G.

Vivian L.

Nimisha M.

Gabriella U.

Haixin Z.


Starting classes at Rainbow Art Studio in January of my sophomore year was one of the best and most influential decisions I made in high school. I had very limited art experience before coming to Rainbow, but over the course of two years, I was able to experiment with a variety of mediums while completing a large body of work. I worked with everything from acrylics to clay, and I was even able to draw live models. At Rainbow, high school students are given the freedom to choose their own projects, and Ms. Ahn, Meiru, and the other instructors are phenomenal at guiding students through these projects. The instructors all gave me invaluable suggestions and feedback that left me feeling excited to try new techniques and styles.

The portfolio I developed at Rainbow gained me admission into the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program, from which I will be receiving a BA (from Brown University) and a BFA (from Rhode Island School of Design) in five years. My portfolio also helped me gain admission to the art schools at UCLA, USC, and Washington University in St. Louis, as well as to the general schools at Princeton, Yale, and Columbia. I’m certain I would not have been able to develop such a diverse and expansive portfolio had it not been for the instruction and guidance I received at Rainbow, and I am incredibly grateful that I was able to learn and practice art in such a friendly and open environment.
— NC, Brown-RISD Dual Degree

I joined Rainbow Art Studio as a freshman, and while school gave me my graduation requirements, I solely and fully thank Mrs. Ahn for providing me with everything I needed to get into Pratt. Not only did she improve my technical and creative art skills, but she also spent individual time working with me on my portfolio, taking us on fieldtrips to art museums and providing us with all the resources and information for applying to colleges by hosting many workshops and writing our letters of recommendation. Along with all the other teachers at Rainbow, Ms. Ahn pushed me to expand my art into new mediums, techniques, scales and ideas even if it came with frustration and a learning curve. I spent many Life Drawing sessions with Meiru who expanded my portfolio into live figure drawing, something no high school will ever be able to provide and something that is a dividing factor between high school level drawing and college level art. Thanks to Rainbow Art Studio, I made it into every art school I applied to and am able to start my Communications Design Major at Pratt Institute after graduating Homestead High School’s Middle College Program in June 2018.
— LS, Pratt Institute

I am so glad that I joined Rainbow Art Studio my freshman year in high school, as the studio provides a truly great environment to learn and grow as an artist. Everyone at the studio is very friendly and supportive, and Ms. Ahn is an excellent teacher. She is very knowledgeable and always encouraging her students to challenge themselves to think deeper and try new medium. I found the studio to be very helpful when I was searching for summer programs and putting together my portfolio for college. I have learned so much during my time at Rainbow Art. My experiences at the studio have both inspired and prepared me to continue to pursue art and design in college and beyond. I graduated Cupertino High School, class of 2014 and entering into Rhode Island School of Design, class of 2018
— SK, Rhode Island School of Design

Through four years at Rainbow, I’ve laid the foundation for all art I will pursue in the future years and I’ve laid the foundation for my insatiable hunger for the snack foods Mrs. Ahn supplied us. I know I will appreciate the valuable figure drawing classes I took when I enter college, and the input of Mrs. Ahn and all the teaching assistants over the years had truly pushed me to think deeper into the art and design that I create. I’ve been able to have stimulating conversations about art that I would never have been able to have elsewhere. Needles to say, Rainbow has been a full chapter in my late childhood, and my only regret is not connecting more closely with my studio-mates and teachers. Also, not eating enough of the pita chips.
— GH, Carnegie Mellon University

Absolutely loved my experience at Rainbow Art. Now only are the people amazingly nice, but incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I learned so many new mediums that I had never, ever considered during my time at the studio. Rainbow Art helped me exponentially when putting together my portfolio. I am graduating from Harker School, class of 2012 and will be entering into Washington University in St. Louis, class of 2016.
— EWS, Washington University in St. Louis

I attended Rainbow Art Studio for my junior year of high school, which was a short yet critical period of time for me and my preparations for art college. The benefits I received just from going that one year were completely worth it. Mrs. Ahn really supported me in pursuing art as a career by persistently (that’s the way it must be done. :) ) suggesting contests, classes and projects for me to do as I pieced together my final portfolio. What was perhaps even more valuable was all of the one on one time that she spent with me, discussing my future as an artist and offering advice from her own seasoned perspective. All around Rainbow Art Studio has a really positive energy, the TA’s are very helpful and friendly and Mrs. Ahn herself is a wonderful and generous person. Even after I left the studio during my senior year, she took a genuine interest in my progress and even wrote one of my college recommendation letters, for which I am very grateful to her. I was accepted to Maryland Institute College of Art, OTIS College of Art, California College of the Arts, and UC Davis, and eventually went with Maryland Institute College of Art.
— MC, Maryland Institute College of Art

Hello! My name is Jenny Michelfelder, and I started at Mrs. Ahn’s studio when I was a 7th grader at Kennedy Middle School. Over the past five years, Mrs. Ahn has been an instrumental part of who I am today- not only as an artist, but as a young woman as well. Her guidance and wisdom has led to me to pursue a career in the visual arts, and I plan on attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this fall. Although I ultimately chose a liberal arts university, I was also accepted to the two art schools I applied to, Pratt Institute (in New York City) and the California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts in Valencia, Established by Walt Disney). I have made amazing progress as an artist at Rainbow, with the help of the staff and of the other students who grew along with me. Mrs. Ahn is one of my great mentors, and I recommend her studio full heartedly to all who have a passion for art and want to realize their potential to the fullest.
— JM, San Luis Obispo

I have attended Rainbow Art Studio since I was in second grade, and now I am currently a sophomore in Rhode Island School of Design. Throughout the years, Mrs. Ahn has not only been a teacher and a mentor to me, but she has also become my friend. Her passion for the arts really encouraged me to pursue my dreams as an artist, and gave me guidance. With her many years of teaching experience, I really felt like I have learned a lot from going to her studio. She encourages exploration of different aspects of art and design and taught me what is current in the art field today. Looking back, I feel that I was very well prepared from the many years of going to Rainbow Art Studio and even understand more than some of my classmates in college.
— AC, Rhode Island School of Design

I started going to the Rainbow Art Studio in the beginning of October. I took the portfolio class and everything in my portfolio was done at the art studio, so I really owe Mrs. Ahn a lot, because otherwise I never would have had enough pieces to apply for Pratt University.
I went to class probably five days a week and sometimes be there for 6 hours at a time. After finishing my portfolio in February I applied to SVA and Pratt University and the latter is now the one I am attending. Thank you Mrs. Ahn, I miss going to the studio a lot.
— DB, Pratt

For as long as I can remember, Rainbow Art Studio has been a huge part of my life and continues to be today. I began private lessons from Ms. Ahn when I was in 2nd grade. In 1993 when the studio opened, I remained her student up through high school. During this time, the guidance and support from Ms. Ahn and my fellow peers, helped me to get through a difficult period in my life. After graduation, I attended a Liberal Arts College— Calpoly State University, SLO to major in Art & Design with a concentration in Graphic Design. Even while away at school, Ms. Ahn gave me opportunities to get involved with the studio. I always found myself wanting to come back every summer to teach and help out at the studio where I grew up. When I graduated from college, the important lessons learned during my years at Rainbow were helpful as I went out into the real world to find myself and fulfill my career goals.

Not only has my time at Rainbow taught me countless art lessons, but it has also shaped me as a person— teaching me the core values and giving me the tools to succeed not only in my career, but more importantly as a person. Rainbow Art Studio will always be my second home, and I’m happy to be a part of a place that helped make me who I am today.
— MYL, San Luis Obispo