Outreach Program

Through various volunteer programs, we provide a great opportunity for high school students to put their skills to good use. Instructor Kyung Ahn and her students reach out to the less privileged children in the community in the pictures below.


"It's a different type of connection allowing our students to express themselves artistically while helping out others" - Kyung Ahn

(Front Cover story in the August 24, 2005 issue of Cupertino Courier)


Rainbow Art Studio's Impact in the Community (Cupertino Courier)



"For youngsters growing up in Cupertino, the idea of searching for a bed to sleep in each night or wondering who will provide their next meal doesn't cross their minds. But children in other parts of the valley who are growing up homeless do have these thoughts, and if weren't for an art class taught by Kyung Ahn, the two groups would not likely connect."

Short Blurb on Rainbow Art Studio and the Growing Up Asian in America Art Contest (Asian Pacific Fund)



"Kyung Ahn of Rainbow Art Studio has been teaching art in Cupertino for over 17 years, in addition to volunteering at local elementary schools and homeless shelters. She learned about Growing Up Asian in America from her local librarian and then encouraged her students to enter." 

Rainbow Art Studio has produced many winners for this art competition throughout the years!

Saratoga News on Rainbow Art Studio's student who was one of 12 artists - out of over 10,000 participants - selected in Coca-Cola's 'Art of Harmony' competition!



"The teacher [Kyung Ahn] is there to guide me and give me tips on whatever I'm working on," she says. "She has guided a lot of people, so she knows what colleges are looking for and she knows which colleges have the best art programs."